REBLOG FROM 30th of May 2016:

This is the story of me meeting and going into rehab with socialmedia king Gary Vaynerchuk!

I’ve got a braininjury and big dementia problems due to complications after surgery in 2013. Big nutritionproblems after gastric bypass made me loose 100 kilos but also as I see it a functional ”great” mind.  I lost the ability to speak, to write and to remember what I just did, heard, talked about, listened to, experienced and saw. The worst thing was to loose The ability to learn new things. A big trauma in my adult life. Public healthcare in Sweden had no Idea how to help me with my problems so I looked another way for help. During the last three years I had to start all over again with almost nothing. Very sick, close to death, depressed, sad, broke and like an Alzheimersbrain I tried and I forgot, tried and I forgot. 

 I’ve been a lecturer and salesperson for all my life and sold stuff for millions and millions over the years and thought for a while my life was over.  Then I started getting  in to rehab with Gary Vaynerchuck. Ohh my god!!!  He provoked me as hell and changed my way of thinking of my trauma and situation and life as I knew deep down inside that I could. He put the sad truth in front of me and got right in to my excuses. Awakening big time! 

My rehab plan together with Gary got me going. No excuses, real hardship paying attention to what he said. I listened to all he said, looked at what he did and took BAD ASS notes and put it into my APPBRAIN that I created with my iPhone only to read it over and over again when my memory failed me.  I went doing it after going through a period of massive sorrow. I payed close attention to what Gary threw right in front of me. My brain had difficulties to listen to him in the beginning because of the speed in his talking and my brainstress made it real hard. Got tired in a seconds. I did not  stop listening. I was a bad ass student, for real! I knew the the hardship of concentrating on this man with a speed I coul not get a grip on at that time were so important. My inside told me to stay real close and practice the listening every single day. I wanted it so bad to get better. I listened and forgot , listened and forgot, listened and forgot but what stayed in me was a great feeling that I was worthy of success, living my purpose. For my self it was to some day do it again in my own new way, in my own new terms with focus on all that I had instead of focus on what I just lost! My greatest asset at that time was social media and my iPhone and I truly started with what I had right in front of me. 

I have no company but I see my self as a lifestyle entrepreneur. Love to solve problems for others. My brain is still got practical and logistic intelligence just not a memory that is working as before. I´m still a great marketer and strategist and I have skills in social media. I found my ways to be a productive and caring world citizen and help others.
I’m driven, passionate and my life’s purpose is to help others stay healthy and love life with great gratitude of ALL that they are just were they are and all the opportunities they already have. In September and October I will release my new books. I´m living my  dream and doing my best preparation now of selling so much of my books in Sweden so I can afford translating it into English for you guys.

I’m DOING it! Thanks to Gary for getting in to my rehab and helping me build me up again to DO it! I don’t care of what other people say or think about me. I do what I need to do for myself and others.  I’m now giving money to a non profit organization I´ve just started from my booksales.  I’ve started to help addicts of all kind getting a better life and doing it! A lot of addicts are amazing entrepreneurs if they learn to cope with the addiction and heal it. Recovering addicts are a true and amazing gift to our creative compassioned world! After over 30 years of being addicted to sugar with a weight of 205 kilos in 1996, a lot of difficulties and sorrow I now rewrite my story! My journey now is to help others to loose the sugar and feel sweet! I don´t need a short term memory to use my life´s experience. I just want to show all the possibillities life throws at us. Paying it forward. 

Untitled design (31)

If you want to change your life and get in to rehab with Gary Vaynerchuck you have to DO this:

– Have willingness to listen to the things that are hard to hear from him and go beyond his speed of life and way of talking. The resistance you may feel is not about him, it´s probably all about and in you! 

– Follow Gary Vaynerchuck in all channels and LISTEN! When you don’t agree, you probably have something to ask yourself like; Why does this bother me or why do I feel like this? 

– Use his words in your personal way of your life trusting your experience, skills, what you love doing, what your dreams are and do it! The best way to do it is to start doing it! 

– Know that money never is the solution first of any sorrow. If you do your work on yourself with patience, selflove and passion, money will come but money is never the solution of internal happiness.

– Don’t pay attention to what other people are doing to you or saying about you, do your own work. Stay focused on your path and your own thing and your own rehab. Your rehab is for you, not anybody else. 

– Understand the way Gary is doing it to crush it. He is curious, listening and a bad ass student in what is happening around him to find his own way in  his business and his life. Execution is everything! Wanting and willingness is two completely different things! Willingness is the only thing that can take you towards execution! 

– Take risks! Be vulnerable, that is your power and your greatest assett. Be you all the time and care so much for youreself that it’s enough for others too.

– Learn social media plattforms possibillities. Most important if you are over 40 for your life experience and skills on the internet is PRICELESS for others and brings you opportunities you never could imagine you had! 

– Be the very best student you can in self awareness and don’t fight yourself. 

– Stay positive and get inspired by people like Gary Vaynerchuck, Chalene Johnson, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Lewis Howes, Oprah Winfrey and others with their passion for helping others to their greatness and success for a short while and then go do your thing! 

GARY, if you ever read or hear  this, from the bottom of my heart,  
THANK YOU! I was thrilled when you started to follow me on my Instagram and that was truly amazing though you don´t know of your impact on my life, that I´m in Sweden and just a fan of yours. A true and devoted fan and follower and student to keep learning from you even if I still forget what you say. It´s the feeling of owning my own life and possibillities that you always reminding me of. I can dream of meeting you or at least listening to you lecturing live someday but I´m so curious of all that happens with you and at Vaynermedia nowing and learning how you guys crush it every day! I think you have one of the worlds most interesting business there is on this planet and I congratulate you on that!  Maybe we will meet someday somewhere.

Your hard truth and passion in your own work got me through my shit. My progress is now that I can actually pay attention to you speaking for an hour. I felt your brain understood my brain, that we were alike. I still do. You kicked my ASS hard in to real life rehab. I’m still alive and breathing with the greatest gratitude and got on my feet DOING it thanks to you Gary! That is my miracle and happiness!  For the first time since getting sick  I realize my braininjury was a fact, I now execute my purpose and it was HARD work but truly worth it!! Thanks Gary for hardship, lessons an truly great inspiration to execute myself into my life again. 

All the best

Camilla Näslund

PS: Just google Gary Vaynerchuck an you know what this blog just told you!


Since this blog was published I lounged my third book and doing great. My third book is ”Making out with my soul” and is notes every day for going further with myself and it is dedicated to Gary himself.

In the spring of 2017 I got a chocking message on messenger. Sombody read the blog above and invited me as a guest to attend to a lecture with the man himself, Gary Vaynerchuck! I cried. Felt so excited and blessed. I really had prayed for this day to come. But anyway, thanks to Jimmie Östling at Bestsellers the moment came in December 2017.      


The lecture was awesome! I told Gary my story in one minute, pitched my idea of an appbrain for people with dementia and memoryproblems. Told him that we have 50 million people diagnosed with dementia, many with adhd and memoryproblems and people who had bariatric surgery and got cognitive problems along with memoryloss. He took my iphone out of my hand and wrote himself an email from my email. In chock but happy I got his book signed to me. We will see if he will call or email me. He got a signed copy of my book and a big hug along with my gratitude. It was a amazing moment for me to actually meet the guy who really kicked my ass into rehab. Love you Gary, hope to see you again sometime!

Love Camilla Näslund



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